Saturday, 4 January 2014

UKIP Cllr Apologises for #FletcherGate and Insults the Huffington Post

#FletecherGate continues today with Cllr Sam Fletcher putting on his own blog a statement 'regarding Facebook comments which have been reproduced and reported'. Cllr Fletcher says the comments 'have been read and interpreted in the wrong way – a completely different way to how they were meant'. He also says that 'certain comments have been completely taken out of context.' Interestingly Cllr Fletcher believes that the comments were all  'meant as a bit of jovial banter' and 'entertainment'. He has also offered his sincere apologies to any of those who were offended by what he had said.

The thing is with Sam Fletcher's statement is that he seems to forget that some of his 'jokes' were rather offensive, definitely not ones a councillor should publicly say. I don't recommend he becomes a comedian for instance.

Also, although he has apologised for the offence, even out of context I don't think you should be calling gay people 'queers' because it is in general parle a derogatory term. The same goes to other things he said about women and gay people.

Cllr Fletcher on his blog post also makes a journalistic blunder when describing the Huffington Post as 'a publication which calls itself a ‘newspaper’ but i’d beg to differ, to be honest'. I'm sure Medhi Hassan is very happy with that.

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  1. Wow sam seems to have gained a fair bit of support