Monday, 20 January 2014

#ThingsElliottSays is One Year Old

#ThingsElliottSays' old logo is back from retirement.

365 days ago I decided that I would get involved in the blogersphere and give my two pennies (not cents, we're not Americans) on politics to the wider world.  It seems like I only did my first article 'Getting Rid of Gordon' about the Great Gordon Brown Repeal Bill a month or so ago. But its seems you're very interested in my opinion pieces, weekly polls, and news stories as I am still going strong and getting a monthly average of over 10,000 views. I don't think that is too bad considering I started with absolutely nothing and am actually not very good with computers.

Me and Antonia Jade (the Royal Holoway CF President) are founding members of #TeamSJS

I've reported on the CF elections, the Labour Party campaigning in the wrong ward, and CF exec members who can't be bothered to do their jobs. Of course the best successes I have had this year are relating to all the news in the Sarah Jane Saga, reporting on adulterous and lesbian hating Cllr Sam Fletcher, and making it into the Mail on Sunday and onto ITV news.

But my blog hasn't been internationally well liked, let's be fair. I doubt Sarah Jane or Sam Fletcher has anything great to say about me blowing the whistle on them. Nor do I think the senior UKIP members that are currently suspended due to my senior YI source are very happy. The Lefties probably don't like thsi either considering I'm showing how generally crap they are on a daily basis. But most of all I think I have cheesed off Nottingham Labour Council for reporting on their Student hating councillors. Nottingham Labour were so angry about this I have been told by Labour Soc members they tried to sue me for using the city council logo, at least I have come up with a solution to this.

Just in case the Labour Soc members are right I have my own photo of the Nottingham City Council logo.

I've really enjoyed writing #ThingsElliottSays so far and if you can put up with my sometimes terrible grammar I hope you continue to read. I would like to party but today I have to revise for my exams, put the bubbles on ice then. Happy First Birthday to #ThingsElliottSays.

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