Sunday, 12 January 2014

#ThingsElliottSays in the Mail on Sunday

Thanks to the Tesco's lady for the photo.

My senior YI source has been very busy of late giving me information on all things UKIP. Recently he gave me information on how UKIP members and councillors want to reprise apartheid and were attacking Stephen and Doreen Lawrence. These were sent to the Daily Mail and, with the addition of other comments from the UKIP forum that recently featured on the Huffington Post, they made an article on the real face of UKIP. So yes #ThingsElliottSays gave the Daily Mail his senior YI sources info on the UKIP Forum.

UKIP haven't taken the news that they have a senior YI mole very well. The Forum is now under 'maintenance'.

Here is the original comment on the UKIP apartheid.

To be fair though UKIP should have realised something like this could happen. On a completely unrelated Forum post called 'a good job the Daily Mail are not forum members' the General Secretary of UKIP, Jonathan Arnott, voiced concerns about the fact that UKIP's members and councillors believe and say things which are highly disgusting and in some cases illegal.

My senior YI source did send me a post by 'the only sane person in UKIP' however.

You can read the Daily Mail article here.

See this story on the ITV News here.

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