Monday, 20 January 2014

Labour Promises to Get Tough on Benefits

If I could give the Labour Party one good piece of advice it is do not talk about benefits. Considering how it was the Labour Party that trapped millions of people on benefit payouts leaving a significant proportion of the population to rot and a few to abuse the system, the British public doesn't want to hear any lectures on welfare from Labour. 

However, Rachel Reeves, the new Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary*, has said that “A Labour government will introduce a Basic Skills Test to assess all new claimants for Job Seekers Allowance within six weeks of claiming benefits." #ThingsElliottSays has managed to get a copy of this new skills test that Labour will use if they're returned to power in 2015.

First seen on Guido Fawkes.

Very testing. No wonder this has been easily shown up by the Conservatives who have said "Labour are copying a Conservative policy that already exists and that is superior to the one they are proposing. After 13 years of Labour running our education system, many young people looking for work do not have the English and Maths skills they need to get a job. That's why, starting in some areas at first, anyone aged 18 to 21 signing on without these basic skills will be required to undertake training from day one or lose their benefits."

Its only the Conservatives who can get people off benefits and back into work. Vote for the Conservative Party, vote for the Workers Party.

*She has replaced Baldermort, otherwise known as Liam Byrne, because the Unite union told Red Ed to get rid of him.

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