Thursday, 2 January 2014

Exclusive: UKIP Cllr in Embarrassing Adultery Scandal

In a Facebook post about Immigration Cllr Sam Fletcher, a UKIP Town Councillor for Keighley, has admitted to committing adultery. Sam Fletcher is the councillor for Bracken Bank and Ingrow Ward and also the West Yorkshire Officer for Young Independence (the UKIP youth movement).

This whole saga started out on a Facebook post about immigration.

Cllr Fletcher however turned the topic onto other things.

A very relevant and highly revealing point on Sam Fletcher's views on the link between immigration and homosexuality. The topic was then quickly changed again by Cllr Fletcher.

Interesting ideas on fungi. But then Cllr Fletcher brought this up all by himself.

When other people in shock asked whether he was having an affair he said this.

But then Cllr Fletcher became rather hypocritical and started talking about how he was not talking about morals. This is all despite him saying 'I do believe affairs are morally repugnant'.

Of the whole episode Cllr Fletcher said.

Not sure if that is true Samuel. But Cllr Fletcher did say that everything he said was sincere and truthful.

But just to finish up he said something which will really annoy Nigel.

So all in all Cllr Fletcher is someone who has some odd ideas about homosexuality, is derogatory to women, is a moral hypocrite and thinks Nigel Farage is 'leader of UKIP in name only' (hope you got that last bit Nigel). UKIP really picks the best councillors.

Also as an added point Cllr Fletcher has deleted many of his comments on the Facebook thread. All we know about these comments is they were highly inappropriate and caused some outrage as the holes are followed by 'OMGs' and disgust.

Find out what Cllr Fletcher said on a second day of attacking women and gay people.


  1. If you check @misslwade's Twitter account you'll be able to see a screenshot of the worst deleted comment

  2. I would love to but last time I posted something of her's she tried to sue me. Don't want the agro.

  3. Oh for Goodness sake. Can't anybody talk anymore without it being dredged up and gone through with a tooth comb. Nothing he said is anything worse than you'd hear in any pub conversation. A bit of bravado, a bit of elusive suggestion, some silly comments. So what? When you play this game you just make it okay when they do it to you.

  4. Inside Knowledge2 January 2014 at 16:31

    ^ That girl..

  5. Samuel Fletcher's Dry Cleaner2 January 2014 at 16:53

    The best post of the thread. I wonder who's wife Cllr Samuel Fletcher was shagging?

  6. His admission seems a little too convenient and suspicious

  7. So,his condom slipped off, patently obvious that he is not well enough endowed to have one stay on.

  8. Join the campaign to get Fletcher into Number 10