Tuesday, 28 January 2014

UKIP is Not Libertarian

I want to put the final nail in the coffin of UKIP being a Libertarian Party and I'll do this with a little help from my senior YI source who has given me some interesting views from senior UKIP people. Although these views are not morally barmy they may be considered factually so. But I do definitely know that they will offend everyone who loves liberty.

Let's start with UKIP's number two Paul Nuttal, who was very recently on Question Time. One of the cornerstones, or at least something which is often talked about, of Libertarianism is repealing the ban on drugs. I very much doubt that Mr Nuttall would allow that to happen.

There is also @Marty_Caine who is a very well known and senior UKIPer who displays some very 'libertarian' views. I'm sure those who believe in liberty would love to be in a party with the chap who has said this.

Charming stuff. But he has some very interesting ideas on the 'free market' as well.

And of course Marty had to have his voice heard when Olly Neville was kicked out of UKIP for backing gay marriage. I think he proves that UKIP is more a dictatorship than a political party.

This was quite a widespread view amongst the Kippers, although there was the odd one who backed Olly Neville early last year.

So as you can see UKIP is a great party full of liberty loving freedom fighters. I'm sure libertarians are flocking to join a party which will never change the drugs laws, wants to end the free market and agree that those who think gay people should marry are party enemies. UKIP are certainly not Libertarians, or even allow that sort of thought.

Personally, if UKIP has an ideology other than populism, I think the party is somewhat nationalist; everything seems to be solved by waving the Union Flag. I was at a Pint and Policy with Nottingham Trent the other day and some UKIPer was proposing we nationalise all industry to bring it under the British states control, especially if the companies are foreign owned (Labour loved this when he said it by the way). The problem with UKIP is that despite having a lot of policies I agree with, like Europe and Grammar Schools, they're all seemingly doing it because they believe Britain should rule over all. I'm the first in line when it comes to patriotism but this is just stupid and actually quite immoral. I might explore this idea of UKIP being nationalists later.

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