Sunday, 19 January 2014

Mahyar Tousi Launches Election Campaign

Today comes the obvious news that CF has been a long time waiting for; Mahyar Tousi has started campaigning to be elected councillor for Lee Green ward on Lewisham council. Yesterday Mahyar with a large number of helpers, including James Cleverly AM, went out on the streets of Lee Green to convince them to vote Tousi and Conservative for this years May elections. 

Charlotte Kude, Mayhar's campaign manager who he describes as 'Brilliant but 'bossy'', has said to #ThingsElliottSays "A great turnout and some very good responses on the doorstep have left both me and Mahyar very optimistic about the future of his campaign."

James Cleverly said yesterday whilst camapigning "there had been great feedback on the door step against the incompetent Labour council, and that they said they need a Cllr who actually does something. The residents also said Mahyar is more likely to get more personal votes and that may decide the results."

The television superstar Stephen Canning said "It was brilliant to be able to go out campaigning for yet another CF'er standing for council. It's a demonstration of how many talented individuals there are now in CF that so many are being selected to stand for their local councils."

Mahyar himself said that his first day campaigning got a great response form the people of Lee Green on Facebook. Mahyar will also soon be announcing the completion of a business forum to get small local business to work together. Mahyar also is encouraging CFers from up and down the country to come join him on the streets of Lee Green by tempting them with a campaign launch party and other events later this year. Ideas for future events include a possible barbecue and who knows maybe Boris Johnson might turn up?

Lee Green is a very winnable seat for the Conservatives in the 2014 May elections. Lewisham council is held by an incompetent Labour Party, who would have guessed that those two words would be next to each other, but the Lee Green seat is held by the Libe Dems. In 2006, the last time this seat was up for election without a General Election on the same day, the Conservatives were short of just 80 votes from taking Lee Green. Mahyar has a very good chance of becoming Cllr Tousi so please support him.

People of Lee Green vote for Mahyar Tousi in the May elections. He is the only candidate who is 'standing up for Lee Green'.

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