Friday, 31 January 2014

By-Election in Clifton North

Well it is by-election time again in Nottingham, the residents of Clifton North (which already have two decent Conservative Councillors) get to choose who will replace former Labour councillor Lee Jeffrey.

Former Labour Councillor, Lee Jeffrey.

Why did Mr Jeffrey have to stop being a councillor you may ask? He didn't suddenly get ill and he isn't leaving the council due to a career change. No he was forced to resign as a councillor because he was too feckless to turn up to meetings. Apparently he hasn't been to council meetings since June 2013. Indeed according to Lee Jeffrey himself he was selected by Nottingham Labour to be a council candidate although they knew he needed a lot of help to be one. He was not ideal material for a councillor. These Labour councillors are great aren't they. I wonder if Nottingham Labour has any other lazy councillors?

But anyway the City Council have set Thursday 6th March as the by-election day and the deadline to be registered to vote is Wednesday 19th February.

According to Labour activists Nottingham City Council tried to sue me when I once copied a photo of their logo. I now use this as my logo photo to make sure it doesn't happen.

The Conservative Candidate is a local man Andrew Rule who is chairman of the Wilford Community Group. He cares very much about what happens in his local area and will work hard to make sure residents have their opinions heard in the council chamber. He is certainly a man to trust.

Conservative Candidate Andrew Rule 

Please make sure you vote for Andrew.

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