Friday, 3 January 2014

Exclusive: Rob Comley Comments on #FletcherGate

Rob Comley, the Young Independence Chairman, has issued a statement exclusively to #ThingsElliottSays. Rob has said 'As a local representative of UKIP Sam needs to be more sensible in what he says in public, even if it is just on his Facebook profile. There was no need for him to continue the debate he was having, and he said some things which were unsavoury. I have passed on concerns to senior members of the party who will deal with the situation if they deem necessary.'

Cllr Fletcher earlier today has said he was receiving support for what he said "all my UKIP friends that have contacted me don't seem to have a problem with a any of it. They can tell when a quip is a quip." He later said about Rob's comments "I hope people in my party, if they've seen any comments, will see them in the right light. The fact that I have said nothing with affects my validity as a member of UKIP or a local representative should be appreciated. I trust Rob Comley and other senior people in UKIP appreciate that."

So far the Pink News, the Huffington PostUs v Th3mTBG, The Kernel and the Daily Politico (sorry if I have missed anyone out) have covered #FletcherGate, who will be next?


  1. You missed the Kernal

  2. My apologises to the great Blog which is the Kernel.

  3. If someone in this day and age is still baffled by homosexuality perhaps they should wait a few years until they have reached maturity before standing as a councillor. Maybe step out of Yorkshire occasionally.