Tuesday, 7 January 2014

UKIPers Entice EDL and BNP support

In a move that surprised no one UKIP members have declared that they want BNP members and supporters of the EDL to join. UKIPs rhetoric against immigrants is clearly picking up all the xenophobes and racists. UKIP members from across the country have been discussing the future of their party and have decided UKIP 'Will Attract Most BNP Voters And Should Let Them Join'. I'm sure this will please Nigel Farage.

Brian Otridge, campaign manager for Ukip's North West Hampshire Branch, wrote: "BNP got 564,321 votes in GE2010 [General Election] and 943,598 in EE2009 [European Elections]. We should be picking up 50-75% of those now."

UKIP officially has a ban on BNP or EDL members joining the party. But members such as Cameron Needham, UKIP member in Wales, spoke of this BNP ban in UKIP "it's a bit harsh on people if their political ideologies to [sic] genuinely change".

UKIP members have also shown sympathies with the EDL.

Writing last August, a Ukip member from North Nottinghamshire who calls himself "NukeZilla" suggests that UKIP should reverse its ban on EDL members, praising them as "brave enough to stand up and speak out against criminals and a 2 tier system.

Marty Caine a Kipper from Poole agrees and praises the EDL for "protesting about something that I believe they are right to protest about". He then adds "We could certainly put those extra membership fees to some good use in the Party."

'Brave' EDL members speak out against criminals by rioting.

This information mostly comes from the Huffington Post who was given what was said on a private official UKIP forum by my YI source. Indeed my YI source has even got #ThingsElliottSays print screens of UKIPers reacting on the forum to the Huffington Post article. 

Great to see UKIP councillors are advocating a "witch hunt" against people inside their party.

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