Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Exclusive: Cllr Sam Fletcher to be Kicked Out of UKIP

#ThingsElliottSays has heard from several senior UKIP sources that there is great discontent within UKIP for the stupid comments Cllr Sam Fletcher has made about adulterywomen and gay people. Sources have said that as a result of this Sam Fletcher is soon to be kicked out by the Yorkshire Party.

One source said to #ThingsElliottSays that he was "not sure how serious Samuel meant for these comments to be taken seriously. However, I deplore any homophobic comments of any kind, indeed, if these comments were meant to be taken of any seriousness, he ought to keep those opinions (or irritations) to himself, especially being in an elected position as he is."

Photo courtesy of the Pink News.

"Samuel has already had a recent dispute with UKIP Yorkshire Chairman Mike Hookem, no doubt will the UKIP Yorkshire committee seek to remove him from the party." Cllr Sam Fletcher has already had a run in with Yorkshire Chairman Mike Hookem over Godfrey Bloom. Sources say Mr Hookem will take this chance to get rid of Sam Fletcher. According to another source this move would have central party backing also as "the National Chairman Steve Crowther is furious with his [Sam Fletcher's] comments."

So far Rob Comley, the YI Chair, has described Sam's comments as "unsavoury" and a UKIP spokesman has said “The party is concerned by what it has seen and is currently investigating". Looks like Cllr Fletcher has made a lot of friends out of #FletcherGate.

Cllr Fletcher to be cut out of UKIP.


  1. ukip are great! always providing new stories for you. Its like cf, but a whole party's worth of them!

  2. I'm baffled by his hair line...

  3. Is that real hair on the side of his head or a bit of stuck on carpet?

  4. Will ThingsElliotSays be apologising for this article now, seven months on?

    I have never had an apology for this article. The headline is complete and utter rubbish - is now and always has been.

    I actually said at the time in a Tweet that no one had suggested I was to be "kicked out" of UKIP, and no one ever has suggested that to this day.

    I would actually be interested to know who the source of this inaccurate information was.