Thursday, 2 October 2014

Conference RoadTrip [VIDEO]

At Conference the Conservatives didn't just party. Around 750 activists went out to the seat of Birmingham Northfield to deliver thousands of surveys on behalf of Rachel Maclean, the amazing Conservative candidate in this marginal seat.

It was a great, sunny afternoon where we put in lots of work to make sure the Conservatives take Birmingham Northfield as well as build up the momentum to form a majority government. The Labour party does not have this campaigning momentum. During their conference a similar campaign day in a target seat had only 23 activists. Pitiful compared to 750 Tories in a large amount of coaches.

David Cameron is so pleased with #RoadTrip2015 he stopped by to give his thanks for all our work. The Prime Minister is so pleased that thousands of Conservatives up and down the country are prepared to travel hundreds of miles to bring about a majority Government.

Enjoy the Video.

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