Friday, 19 December 2014

Shapps Gets It Right - Get Rid Of The Non-Campaigners

Grant Shapps has got it right. Get rid of the non-campaigners.

An internal spat has erupted today in the Conservative Party when two of Theresa May's aides were dropped from the Conservative Party's candidates list because they did not campaign during the Rochester and Strood By-election. Their excuse, of not going because they were unsure of whether their role in government clashed with their role in Conservatives, was weak. The Newark by-election had previously proven that parliamentary aides can campaign for the Conservatives in their spare time.

It is likely that Mrs May's aide's just couldn't be bothered to campaign against Mark Reckless. Hardly the hallmark of a good Conservative Party activist never mind someone who wants to be a parliamentary candidate. Shapps is absolutely right to kick out those who don't want to bring about a Conservative majority government by hard work on the ground.

Shapp's tough but fair action contrasts with his predecessor Baroness Warsi who launched a 'purge of the right wing' on the Conservative Party candidates list. This was a stupid idea to 'purify' the Conservative Party resulting in only kicking out of great talent.

One of those right-wingers removed from the list by Warsi was Mark Clarke, who stood in Tooting at the 2010 General Election. However, Clarke went on to create the fantastic RoadTrip2015 movement. RoadTrip2015 has seen mass activist days across the country with up to 600 campaigners help out in target seats. Road Trip, along with Team2015, is seen also seen as one of the main reasons for the Conservative victory at the Newark by-election. RoadTrip2015 is and will continue to play a key part in the Conservatives attempt to form a majority Government.

Clarke was in agreement with Shapps actions earlier today on Facebook. Merit should come before being puritanical about Conservative ideology.

Warsi got rid of a lot of the hardworking campaigners during her time as Party Chairman. It is good to see that Shapps is encouraging campaigning, promoting talent, and getting rid of the deadwood.

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