Monday, 5 August 2013

Weekly Poll Lowdown

Here are the results of the first weekly poll of the month on the health of the UK economy. Well it's clear that with over 50% of the vote most people things are going to get worse in the next months. It seems that half of you have either taken to pessimism or left wing negative politics where they try and make out that things have gotten worse under the government.

How do you think the UK economy is going?

Things are on the up.
We are slowly but steadily getting to growth.
No change for a while, yet.
It is very bad and getting worse.

Total votes: 38

For all my lambasting of certain economic government policy for not doing enough they have done some key things to make the UK economy better. All we seem to be getting at the moment is news about how we are starting to get some acceleration in growth. Only today PMI (Services Purchasing Managers Index) for the service sector is the highest it has been since 2006; with July, June and May's PMI combined for all sectors there has not been better economic growth results since the 1998 boom. 

The effects of cuts in corporation tax and to the 50p tax rate has led to higher investor capital which is creating jobs in manufacturing for people. But more importantly for people there has been a positive feeling in consumers from a post Olympic feeling and targeted tax cuts in the budget. Aspiration Nation is the phrase of the moment. Also I think there is a real point of people are tired of going nowhere and so are spending money more often because they just want the doom to be over.

Of course there is much more the government could easily do as I have pointed out many a time to really start having sustainable economic growth, but my ideas haven't yet been taken on by the Prime Minister. My own personal musings is that we are about to see a period of steady economic growth but not a massive spurt. However this is a possibility, many experts are saying that next year we could start seeing 2% of growth. Its only the Left of this country, who know growth means less votes for them who, that paint a picture where things are getting worse. Indeed this government has at worst presided over a stable economy where nothing has changed, there has been no recession since the dark days of Gordon Brown. 

Gordon Brown never managed to control the economy so I've no idea of how badly the rest of the Left would do if left in charge. 

Watch this space to see how far things grow.

 Things are about to get going, but by how much?
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