Thursday, 14 February 2013

Horsemeat, Obesity Miracle Cure

A very interesting set of statistics came out today. According to Sky News 58% of people have abandoned buying processed meat and sales at butchers have increased by over 20% due to the recent discovery that horse is the most eaten meat in the UK. This is obviously partially caused by there not being as much processed horse burgers about with half of them seemingly removed from the shelves. It is clear to see though that there is a genuine consumer switch to real meat products (even kebab houses are switching to real meat from the usual Donner to save their businesses). Perhaps it is too early to tell, but if this continues, we are in for some real government savings on the health budget.

This how savings could be achieved. People who shop at butchers/ buy real meat have to spend more money, because meat is more expensive. Even an increase in meat production from increased demand would not lower prices enough. People are thus on the whole going to be eating less red meat which is healthier. Also eating real/butchers meat is healthier than processed meat because it contains less hidden hydrogenated fats and all that malarkey. Now I predict that 58% in the next 5 years will not have stuck with abandoning processed meat, but a fair portion will have. 

Obviously there is going to be a saving on the NHS and welfare budget because of this. But it’s probably not going to be enough to stop their budgets growing experientially until the state is nothing more than a glorified wheelchair. So what I suggest is this. As people hate Horsemeat make sure, like the statutory 42% of meat needed to deem a sausage a sausage, that any processed meats that are not above say 50% in meat content contain 10% horse. That way people will eat less of this meat and this will save us billions. Not a very free market thing to do on the face of it but saving the public coffers a mint from a lot less fat people in the future as no one seems to want to gorge on horse.

If only the idea was workable.

P.S. For all those who actually want to know, I actually like Horse I had it in France and it was fine, I personally find it odd how the British public view it as the meat of the devil.


  1. Greg from Tyne and Wear14 February 2013 at 17:44

    I don't think people who go for a kebab really care what meat they're putting into their mouths...

  2. I thought this too. Honestly I was surprised. It is likely that the usual drunken clientèle of the kebab shop may not care but there has been a noted fall.