Saturday, 2 February 2013

Gay Marriage saving the economy

A lot of Conservative MPs have recently been saying that the government should focus on legislation for the economy instead of gay marriage. Have they gone mad!

This isn’t really a point of whether you agree with equal marriage or not, but why would you, especially if you’re a Tory MP, want the government to pass more laws on the economy. The Government isn’t going to solve this crisis by another act of parliament, it’s going to solve it by cutting spend and decreasing taxes in the Budget.

Its business (big but mostly small) that’s going to grow the economy. When Parliament debates the economy it means more public spending, it means more wasted tax payer money on projects like HS2. It also means more time for the Lib Dems and Labour to make amendments to Bills that would mean more borrowing.

Parliament needs to pass Acts that reduce welfare spending, gives permission to get fracking going and improve education. Not fool the public into thinking the economy will be solved because MPs are doing something about it, because government is virtually never the answer.

I’m very surprised that any Conservative MP is asking for the expansion of government in the economy, especially as the people doing so are the more right wing elements. At first sound of it the public will agree with them but I think it should be said loud and clear that replacing the Bill for equal marriage with a Bill to solve the economy will help only to make it worse. If anything the gay marriage Bill is a boost to the economy because the government isn't messing around with people’s lives and money. 

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