Wednesday, 27 February 2013


NUCA went to #drinkanddeabate last night. We were #behindenemnylines because this is a Labour event. Boo. Actually Labour was really nice, the Tories were allowed their own drinks table and they were good all round sports. Our thanks goes out to Labour leader Sally who should replace Red Ed, she is far better.

We debated positive discrimination, the royal family and Maria Hutchings in Eastleigh (there was an attempted debate on Europe but it didn't really work). The Left showed their true colours last night.

We were also going to debate the Pope but it never happened. However, just before Jamie announced he will be standing for election as the new Pontif. And this is his 1st campaign photo.

Our good President Barlow questioned how Sally could keep good order with a very large pencil.

But Sally's plans didn't go very well.

 The Labour society were very generous with the alcohol however.

We all took something back, but someone took something with them in keeping with the Socialism of the night.

At the end of the night we of course did our national anthems and this was followed by the Red Flag from Labour. We were not going to be beaten however and so we sang this.

This is the proper version.

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