Sunday, 24 February 2013

Weekly Poll Lowdown

Well I’ve been away with proper politics recently in Eastleigh, but before I talk about that lets do the weekly poll lowdown.

We have replicated the question that the Nottingham SU will be using in less than a month’s time to decide whether the SU should adopt a pro-choice policy on abortion. Turnout was poor, very accurate to previous referenda, with only 14 votes (let’s try get it higher for next time). Anyway these are the results.

  2 (14%)
  11 (78%)
  1 (7%)

Quite a clear majority want the SU not to have an abortion policy which is what I believe (see and Because of the nature of the policy proposed by the SU, which allows the Women’s Network to counter demonstrate against anyone who is pro-life, this is a debate on freedom of speech not abortion (although the SU will say it isn't so). Freedom of speech is a matter of conscious and so you can’t be wrong; however I do find it very strange for someone not to agree with freedom of speech.

Please vote in the next poll.

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