Thursday, 21 February 2013

Exclusive: More News on Matt Robinson's email issues

Matt Robinson, CF Chairman hopeful for this year, has just found himself in a bit of a pickle. Many people have been emailed by Matt today asking for his vote. However it seems he has emailed people whose emails are not public and never gave them to him.

One girl received an email from Matt Robinson to an account that was not public but strictly private. She said that her "email address is definitely not online" it is used only for "my bank account, my job apps" and "branch because of payment etc.". She made clear that the only link to the Conservative Party was her local branch as "even NUCA does not have it".

Even Oliver Cooper got the email from Matt too:

Others have also complained personally to Matt on his twitter and he has replied giving an explanation to how people have received the email:

However, the girl mentioned above has never met Matt Robinson. Many are accusing Matt of breaching the Data Protection Act as he would have had to have a Conservative Party mailing list to get access to these names.

Some in CF have also pointed to Ben Howlett, who has been involved in similar data protection problems during his time as chairman and lives with Matt Robinson. Ben Howlett exclusively told #ThingsElliottSays that he doesn't "have access to the database for obvious reasons (i.e. I stood for re-election in 2011) it would have been unfair on my competition". He also said about the girl mentioned above "I would have thought that [the girl] handed it out to someone at one of the events she went to?" and then added "I would focus on the bigger email address that someone may or may not have handed out at a reception is hardly newsworthy haha".

We'll be the judge of that Mr Howlett.

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