Saturday, 13 April 2013

Out and About in Waterlees

Today I was out with a large part of the Wisbech team for a campaign day. We had many people come, from the very local Sam Clark to Tom Hunt from the other side of Cambridgeshire. Wisbech Conservatives and those from further afield alike came to help the excellent Sam Hoy get re-elected to serve the people of Wisbech North.  At one point we had a team of sixteen people out.  Why do so many volunteers offer Sam their time?  Because she is very good and very nice.

The Team outside the Oasis Centre. Michelle is sporting her great John Lennon look, love it.

We canvassed around The Oasis Centre, a place Sam always supports because it is full of wonderful local people doing great work for the community. A place where Sam successfully campaigned to save the nursery – something which many people remember and mention. We spoke to all sorts and found they were all very nice. Voters were again happy to see that Sam takes a strong stance against Labour’s mindless open-door Mass Immigration and the EU, while recognising that many good people have come here to make their lives better. This is a key issue in Wisbech and for far too long others have ignored it.

 Sam and the Team are coming to a street near you, will you vote for her?

We met the opposition as well today. Dean Reeves the Labour candidate was out with his daughter delivering leaflets, he is very nice but Labour will not help on Immigration or EU issues. They just like to borrow and spend.  We also walked past the UKIP candidate’s house, sadly I don't think he has campaigned at all and in my opinion his lack of interest in getting elected shows. Most people say they only see their councillors at election time, so if they aren't out canvassing when will you ever see them? Though, to be fair, very few people raise that criticism about Sam because she is so active and hard-working.

Our Campaign Team of people from across the County and of all ages.

And then we met the Independent Candidate Virginia Bucknor. Today she wasn't very happy as she accused me in the street of lying about her saying she had everyone on her street voting for her, despite what we had found when canvassing. Of course I pointed out to her that this is what people had told us and nothing more but she just continued to get very angry, not a very professional way to run a campaign. It really made an unpleasant scene considering I was knocking on someone's door at the time. She was taking a 'naughty boy telling off' stance when she was clearly in the wrong. She just didn't like the negative press. I like how she is so pro freedom of speech, she should be implementing the Leveson reforms. I said that if she was unhappy she could sue me however she would have to bear in mind that what she was saying was false.

Canvassing almost every home in the area today, Conservatives try to speak to every single person.

As this began to take place, Cllr Michelle Tanfield said to me that I could just ignore Virginia Bucknor, but Mike Bucknor told her in what seemed to be a very nasty way to “stay away.” Virginia does not seem to have a very high opinion of many of the local Conservatives and I suppose Michelle may be one of those.  For the record, Cllr Michelle Tanfield is great, she has been a councillor for only a few months and yet helped start the citizen patrol in Wisbech and solved big problems in JFK Court.

There seems to be perception being pushed by sections of the Wisbech opposition that the Conservatives are saying nasty things about them on the doorstep. Well I’ve been with them on the doorstep and I’ve heard nothing of the sort. In fact, people on the doorstep are telling us that the opposition have been practising the negative campaigning. Apparently Sam “does nothing”, “is lazy” and "only ever toes the party line". All of these are horrible lies. I wonder whether these rumours of a dirty campaign are actually being spread by the people who are doing in order to cover their tracks? 

After some more successful canvassing we stopped for Lunch and in true Big Cheese Barlow style I took a photo of my huge burger.

Le Grand Fromage will be jealous
Vote for Cllr Sam Hoy.

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