Saturday, 13 April 2013

Back In Wisbech North

We were out and about again in Wisbech North yesterday with Cllr Sam Hoy who wishes to seek re-election. We went to canvass parts of Clarkson Ward and Kirkgate where the voters responded to Sam well.

The highlight of the day was convincing several young girls who had never voted before too come out and vote Conservative. They were very impressed by Sam's expertise in the town yet being a very young face. She will represent Wisbech North very well if elected again.

One of the things we pointed out is that Sam had saved the Wisbech Park toilets. Fenland District Council had wanted to close these down as part of savings but Sam and Cllr Carol Cox, another Tory from Clarkson ward, put pressure on FDC and saved the toilets by getting the Town Council to buy them. This is a very good thing considering the high usage of the Park which is always full and hosts festivals every year. Wisbech Park is great.

Geoffrey Van Orden MEP also came to help out Sam yesterday as he believes she is a good Tory Councillor that needs to be supported. Geoffrey was also good in answering questions around the EU and immigration by explaining how he and the Party are making a real difference having cut immigration by 1/3 last year and standing up for the national interest in Europe. Sam herself wants to have an EU referendum now so that the country can take back control of its borders and to stop silly laws from Brussels. Many Conservatives wavering because of this national issue were convinced that Sam is in line with their views unlike the Labour and Independent Candidate who want uncontrolled immigration and closer integration with the EU.

Wisbech North, please re-elect Sam. 

In other news this is the front of my house. I hope Steve is happy.

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