Friday, 12 April 2013

No Left Turn

Tony Blair has been in the news today telling Red Ed not to be so Leftwing. Hard for the son of a Marxist who cannot control his and his followers champagne socialist tendencies.

A worried Tony warns against a return to the 'Old Left/Right Battles'. He should know he won 2 landslides.

Under this Labour opposition it is unclear whether they would join the Euro. Labour's Moet Metropolitan elite have always in the recent past had sympathises to join in with the Euro. Luckily, and for one time only, Gordon Brown did something right by stopping Blair adopting the currency. This must annoy a lot of Labour supporters as true Left-wingers want to keep British sovereignty and control over people's lives.

Also unclear is whether they would keep a nuclear deterrent. This hasn't been a Labour Policy for 30 years, Michael Foot was the last senior person to really argue full heartedly for it. It seems the nationalisation policy is back as well, Labour have plans to nationalise rail and energy if they come into power. Of course this policy hasn't been announced yet but whenever Labour MPs talk about the railway they say this is likely to happen..

This is not to mention of course the real major thing which is the economy. Labour have even shunned Alistair Darling and refuse to make any cuts at all. A new Labour government will return at a faster pace to the spend, spend, spend that had taken place. Our economy is doomed if Labour win in 2015.

No wonder Blair is worried, the most successful Labour PM ever, who got rid of all unelectable socialist nonsense. He is watching his party back policies from its extreme and least successful form in the early 1980s because the champagne socialist have taken over. With people like Diane Abbot in the shadow government Labour is going to have a very left manifesto. You can hear the champagne corks going off in Labour HQ. It will make good reading in 2015, available in all good joke shops. 

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