Thursday, 25 April 2013

Nottingham Labour

Recently it was the Wollaton East and Lenton Abbey Ward Nottingham City Council By-election.

The Ballott Paper. I would have voted Tory.

The election actually took place over the Uni Holidays. I did order a postal ballot but I didn't get it in time so was unable to vote. Oh well. However Labour decided to send me some of their literature, oh what fun.

Most of this is of no interest to me. I'll never vote Labour in a proper local, PC or general election etc. so their policies don't rub with me. However look at the header 'Positive Politics from Nottingham Labour'. Really is this the case?

Nottingham Labour Council, who really hates the government, has put up these entirely positive and well spent propaganda, reminiscent of those in North Korea. Well dressed Windsor people versus everyday Nottingham folk. There is an attempt to stand these two ill represented and stereotyped people face to face. Not very positive. The Council is complaining about how they have to cut more than Windsor. Well if you weren't such a reckless spending council, for example wasting money on political posters, you wouldn't need to cut so much. This is negative politics at its worst; Labour should really change their slogan.

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