Saturday, 20 April 2013

Weekly Poll Lowdown

Well I'm very disappointed. Only 3 votes in a Thatcher Poll and this is supposed to be a Tory Blog. There was no winner either, a three way split. Or as the Liberal Democrats would call it, everyone is a winner.

No, No, No!
  1 (33%)
This Lady is Not For Turning
  1 (33%)
The Spirit of The South Atlantic
  1 (33%)
Bruges Speech
  0 (0%)
Last Stand Against Socialism
  0 (0%)

So what is the one I like the most. It has to be 'No, No, No!' as this is the start of identifying the problem of the EU. The Bruges Speech may have been technically the start but I actually agree with Ken Clarke when he says 'the Bruges Speech would not sound Euro-sceptic today'. What No, No, No has is the passion in which the EU needs to be fought against, it is a wonderful bit of rhetoric. I like the a 9 min addition of the speech on YouTube because it really exposes the Labour stance on the EU too, they are quite prepared to give away everything we have so long as they are down with Barroso and all the other cronies. Not a place I would, nor the British people, like to be. So here it is get the popcorn out.

Please Vote in the next poll.

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