Thursday, 18 April 2013


Now that my Blog is back to the normal colour have you noticed something different? Well look on the side bar and wonder at the political quotes in pictures. Do you like them? Well if not tough because I do, I'll keep changing them every so often however so you're not bored. Here's a collection of some of them that did not make the first cut.

For all you Republicans out there I have included some by my Favourite American, Ronald Regan. Whenever people point to Obama and say how popular he is or how he won a landslide in the 2012 elections just remember this.

 This is a landslide!

Winston Churchill is another much quoted figure. From wise wit on drinking ugly people's whisky to being a genuine believer in the free market. Winston is a great man. Did I mention he also saved the World?

Lady Thatcher is also another person hailed for good quotes. From what I've heard from people who actually knew her she was actually very good at these one liners.

Always Remember this however.

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