Sunday, 28 April 2013


It's that time again, Port and Policy. Last night was a classic port and policy. People were on fire because of a steady flow of port. If I had to pick a favourite moment it would be Alex Potts' drinking many drinks at once, attempting to drink from 3 glasses at once doesn't work well.  The best debater of the night in my opinion, which is heavily clouded, was Nadim Muslim who said we should 'deport Jordan Brown'.

So let's tell the story through twitter.

The Port ran out very quickly, by the end of the 1st short debate on Scotland. Nadim was most upset.

We need more Port Jenny.

The Port had an effect on our chum, Alex Potts.

Sarvie thus tried to aid Alex with the recent developments in his life.

 Joesph was not pleased by the drinking chaos.

Another big story of the night was that of Archie, one of our resident left wingers. Archie is quite a man for the ladies, as Lucy demonstrates.

So where was he?

But as well as the notables there were new people who we didn't know. This is always good, more Tories, more members and more fun. But how do we get to know them, well Beth recounted one way.

A sort of new face from Trent got involved very much though.

But probably the best episode of events was everyone attacking Jamie Trott(sky) for pretending to be a Conservative.

Much debate focussed on Ties after Jamie said that Jack's tie was from Saville Row. Barlow thus asked Jamie about his Tie.

He then replied.

To follow up, I to got involved on the Tie front.

After that I went off on one about left wing politics culminating in shouting 'You Socialist Oppressor!' at him. I was not the only one though.

Best reaction to the night comes from our great VP Luke Robert Black.

Thanks goes to our excellent committee who organised the event. By far the best one in a while.

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  1. I really don't remember saying "Jordan Brown"