Wednesday, 24 April 2013

#NTUPP (Pint and Policy)

Yesterday I went to NTU's Pint and Policy, the copy cat version of NUCA's own Port and Policy. I really enjoyed myself. My thanks go to the Orange Tree and the Conservative Team from Nottingham Trent. Well done for the debating as well, it got really good. Here's the record of the night from Twitter (Trent need to get more tweeters).

NUCA certainly livened up the debate last night with not just table banging but shouting, chanting and really going for the jugular with the Labour Party.

We of course, despite this, we were full of courtesy to the opposition, despite them being wrong.

We had a great debate on Thatcher to kick off. There were some excellent reasons for why Thatcher put the Great back into Britain. My thanks goes to new East Midlands Chairman Richard Harris for appreciating my points.

But the most interesting thing in the debate is that no one could say that Thatcher was bad, even Labour. They're a weak lot in the Labour Party, you know. Weak, Feeble!

 Thatcher quotes came thick and fast on the night.

We had a good NUCA turnout, but one of our redder members was missing from the debate.

Of course none of the debates really mattered. What did was the Pints. After some lovely cider I had a Bloody Mary, which was fairly good as a drink. Jenny summed up the aftermath of this significant drinking well.

Thanks again Trent for a good night. Get your hashtag sorted though, there are so many variations. 

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