Friday 17 May 2013

NUCA Dinner

Yesterday I went to the NUCA dinner organised by our excellent outgoing Vice President, Luke Black. It was really good and I recommend anyone to dine at the World Service Restaurant  in Nottingham.

A nice Picture of Luke (@lukerobertblack) and Robert (@robertdgsmith) after the meal.

Our life President John Hayes, also a former NUCA President, came as well and was our after dinner speaker. I like John Hayes because he does a lot of things I agree with, for example he is helping us fight the wind turbine crusade. He also told me what the government is planning to do on wind turbines in a few weeks. I won't give the story away to the left wing news at this early stage but it looks like things are going to get better for those who oppose the monstrous windmills. His honesty is most refreshing for politics, especially considering how he is in No.10.

John Hayes giving a speech, we forgot to do a team photo with him after the dinner.

So what did he say in his speech? Well first of all he said to be as outrageous as possible, which many of the NUCA members already try to do. But he tried to take away the political message of Liberalism is bad saying it was all about individuals and not society. Although I do believe in what he said about focusing on the future and the past more, I think the scathing view of Liberalism is not one I share. Liberalism to me isn't really about individuals by themselves, it's about individuals working together. We are not some conglomerate mass of people but to get on and make our lives better people wilfully and happily co-operate to bring about advancement.

Henry living life to the full on the advice of John Hayes.

But unlike most of the conservatives in the party, like Dave, who are very wet John Hayes is far from it. On the majority of issues I would say he is sound and will vote the 'right' way. Isn't ironic that usually those who are the most liberal are considered to be on the right wing more than most of the conservatives.

Luke's after dinner speech was also good, with some favourite puns about NUCA members. But the surprise came when both John Hayes and Luke found out they were both born on a council estate in Woolwich. Interesting coincidence.
A Woolwich council estate, John Hayes had the second left room on the top and Luke had the bottom right.

So an enjoyable night and I hope next year is as good, if not better. 

Alex Bright (@alexanderbright) and Andy Phillips (@andy_phillips15) having a nice old chat after the dinner.

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  1. Jesus Christ this is badly written.
    "So what did he say in his speech." That's a question, it should have a question mark. The font you use is disgusting. 'Coincidence' is one word, and you are very wrong about wind turbines.