Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Exclusive: #ThingsEricPicklesSays

Well I've written another news article for the Tab about two students who have gone on a road trip with RT Hon Eric Pickles MP (see http://tab.co.uk/2013/09/03/students-take-cardboard-eric-pickles-to-america/ ). The Tab article however is only so long and so I can reveal more from the interview of James and Daniel, who have taken Eric on holiday, and what Eric has said to me.

I think Eric Pickles is great. A top government minister who is making sure there is total transparency in what is spent, something that he has rightly forced upon even the socialist Nottingham Labour Council. The one in one out policy for rules and regulations has also been a great success and this is a policy all other Tory ministers should follow. But most importantly in my view Eric has brought about greater decentralisation to local councils, it now counts more than ever to elect the right people (which is the Conservatives of course).

 The Great RT Hon Eric Pickles MP, keep up the good work.

I spoke to James and Daniel, who probably share my views on Eric, as they were travelling through Texas in a motor home. Eric permanently sits by a window when the pair are driving looking at the passing sights. 

 Eric Driving the RV.

James and Daniel told me what they have done "was an out there decision based on following Eric. We've known him as an MP and as a politician and thought he had great gravitas." James and Daniel say Eric is also very funny, and I agree, "his salad mockery of George Osborne's burger and re-tweeting pictures of Eric Pickles snow globes show this. We just wanted to bring Eric to us." Nobody else from the Cabinet will do for James and Daniel "no one else is worthy, it's all about Eric."

 Eric's famous response to George Osborne's Byron burger.

When I asked them what they believe the real Eric Pickles thinks of his cardboard cut out road trip James and Daniel said he would probably be "a little baffled. I hope he does find it funny and that his adventure brings a smile to people's faces." Well I can exclusively tell James and Daniel Eric told me "I'm delighted they are taking me on such a wonderful trip without spending a penny of taxpayers' money. This trip has widened my horizons and I'm really hoping to be taken even further afield next year."

Eric also will be pleased to know that his hope of travelling further may be answered. James and Daniel said "one of our friends in Thailand wants him to be sent over. We will then have the brotherhood of the travelling Pickles. But for now he is coming all the way to Vegas." 

 What would you like to drink Eric.

Eric also told me that if he was to go on an American road trip he would take "James and Daniel and [as a special item] the minutes of an annual council meeting of their choosing."

You can keep up with Eric's Road trip here http://picklesroadtrip.com/2013/08/. I also urge Eric to keep up the good work.

 Having a great time on the beach.

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