Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sarah Teather to Leave the Lib Dems

Sarah Teather MP, branded by #ThingsElliottSays as one of the worst MPs in Parliament, has decided the Lib Dems are not for her anymore and will not stand in her seat of Brent Central at the next General Election.

Sarah Teather will leave the Lib Dems in 2015.

I'm not surprised Sarah Teather has left the Lib Dems because politically she is not really close to social democratic philosophy or to what the party actually stands for. Really Sarah belongs in the Labour Party, it's just like a lot of Lib Dem voters they're not fond of the trade union links or the Iraq war. So like many Lib Dem voters that have spurned the party for Labour once in government, Sarah has followed.

But why now? Of course the obvious answer is that she wants to create controversy for Nick Clegg and challenge party positions on Economy, tuition fees, nuclear power, an independent nuclear deterrent, a 50p top rate of tax, welfare, fracking and immigration (all of these are up for the vote in the up and coming Lib Dem conference). The fact that her seat of Brent Central has a 1500 majority is a factor too, she will obviously lose to Labour at the next election.

Many Lib Dems however believe that Sarah Teather is actually a careerist and has herself instead of what is right and wrong as her first priority. This can be shown quite well when she didn't vote for several bills on welfare and education, despite being a government education minister. This in itself is not self interest, she did this on a point of conscience. But she refused to step down from her job afterwards as she was just interested in continuing with her career. She was thus disgracefully sacked by Dave in the next government re-shuffle.

When she returned to the backbenches she was obviously not very happy and started causing trouble by not backing government bills. This in itself could be seen as something of noble principle. I think it would be wrong to say that there is no element of this, but according to many Lib Dem activists this was an act of spite. Her voting against the Equal Marriage Bill, despite saying she supported it days before, was evidence of this to many Lib Dems and she lost lots of respect in the party. 'She was a careerist without a career' said a Lib Dem activist to the Guardian and so with no future prospects and a seat she was almost certainly going to lose she has decided to leave the Lib Dems and cause more trouble for Cleggers.

Sarah has lied on many things not just gay marriage.

Sarah Teather started out as the bright young thing of the House of Commons after the Brent East by-election of 2003. She will now leave the same house in disgrace. It would be unfair to say that she has no principles, but it is clear that her career as a politician was more important to her. This is not the type of politician our country should be run by and thus she has the title of 'Possibly the Worst MP in Parliament'.

In da House, but not for much longer.

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