Monday, 23 September 2013

Lord Mocroft Poll Results

Lord Mocroft of Colchester has released the data from his last poll and it makes for interesting reading. 220 people took part in the latest CF Poll with 87% of these people being members of Conservative Future.

Mo busy polling CFers.

Its seems that generation Y is the most common set of beliefs in CF. 60% of CFers are in favour of gay marriage, which is a great deal higher than levels polled in the Conservative Party itself. CF has also been shown to be highly euro-sceptic with 72.5% of you wanting to leave the EU if there was a referendum tomorrow (I hope you will all be voting that way in 2017). David Cameorn would not be pleased with the last result.

Dave has taken even a greater knocking of foreign aid policy with 70.2% believing there should be a cut in money given or for it to be abolished completely. Similarly Dave received underwhelming support with Syria as only 19% of you think we should have intervened there. However the PM received support from CFers on immigration as 85.85% backed the illegal immigrant vans and 75% of voters think immigration should go back to the 10s of thousands not 100s of thousands.

On the Conservative Party as a whole 55% say Labour is the biggest threat to a Tory 2015 majority followed by UKIP at 33% (some mad people think the Lib Dems, Greens and BNP are the greatest threat to the Tories). In CF most people think 'it's a great people to meet like minded people' and 'full of weirdos', the later is not a surprising result.

CF is full of weirdos.

So there you are and much thanks goes to Mo for your poll. Can't wait for your third installment.

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