Thursday, 5 September 2013

Ed Davey Comes To Nottingham

Joy of Joys Ed Davey, the Climate Change and Anti-Energy Secretary, visited Nottingham University today. Ed was interested in the research carried out by the science bods in Nottingham on methane and cattle, although it is worth pointing out termites produce more methane.

 Ed Davey blowing into a bag.

There has been some sort of fair and display for scientists UoN and Ed and the media have come to see what is going on. One of the fun and games demonstrations was blowing into a bag that can detect how much methane you are producing. It turns out Ed produces more methane than the average person. I thus tell Ed, for the sake of humanity, stop breathing.

I'm not a big fan of Ed Davey. His time as Energy Secretary has set out a system where we are being swindled on our energy bills.  By 2020 the average household (which currently pays £1460 on gas and electric) will be paying £1883.40. This will get worse by 2030 because then we'll be paying a whooping £2920.00 to heat our homes and run the TV. At the moment 4.5 million households live in fuel poverty, obviously this is only going to increase. 

Energy Bill increases are a swindle by the government (see to voice your concerns against them). 

Our energy bills are unnaturally raised by the government so the government can subsidise inefficient* power sources which are supposed to combat climate change. So it means that, in the greatest ever technological year for the human race, the government is bucking the trend and putting more people into fuel poverty. More suffering people and more dying pensioners, all because of government intervention in free markets. 

Did you know because of the raw materials from across the globe and the 1000 tons of concrete underneath each windmill, wind turbines produce more CO2 than they save.

The Government often defends the bill increases by saying a portion of the money goes to help people in fuel poverty, buying insulation and other things for example. This is true but when you think about it this is a bit stupid because this fuel poverty prevention is mostly being spent on fuel poverty caused by the government subsidising wind turbines and solar panels. There is a cyclical pattern developing: the government subsidises inefficient energy - the government increases bills to pay for this - fuel poverty increases as a result - the government launches a scheme to combat fuel poverty - the government increases bills to pay for this - fuel poverty increases as a result. This will only end when people say we will not tolerate the government subsidising inefficient energy.

 Even Her Majesty the Queen is facing fuel poverty.

Ed Davey could help, and cut carbon too, by really getting fracking going. He has been a delayer for our energy revolution which has already happnened in the US of A, where fuel bills have gone down by over a third. This is because fracked gas, despite massive over regulation, produces so much profit for companies it is an amazingly efficient fuel source. And what's more for those real carbon counters, not those fake anti-capitalists, gas produces far less CO2 than our main power sources of coal and oil. All good then.

 Says it all really.

But Ed disagrees because he has signed up to the left's Green Agenda which is actually a new vehicle to deliver a socialist economy. Subsidises are good for Lefties because it gives them control over the UKs energy source and therefore control over the people (the main objective of any left leaning government).

The fracking protestors deliberately tried to stop people working at the Caudrilla HQ to close down the business.

If you want evidence of this just look at the last Green Movement protest about fracking you can plainly see this. What happened was a militant attack against an 'evil capitalist private' business because it is freeing the people by reduce energy bills. These people don't want a green economy, they want a state controlled economy. Their lack of interest in the facts around fracking and the environment show this more. Fracked gas, as previously said, produces less CO2 than the majority of energy sources we used today and  it has been categorically proved not to pollute water sources by independent scientists. 

I don't personally think Ed is as mad or extreme as the fracking protestors; but he has signed up to the Green Agenda which is only about increasing state involvement in the economy to control people's lives. So Ed, next time you come to Nottingham and it is term time, I'll be there presenting to you the inconvenient truth.

 Ed Davey is a bit mad, kick him out.

* For those in the Green movement who say renewables are not inefficient the mere fact they need subsidising means they are because otherwise people would be falling over themselves to build the magic energy making windmills and solar panels without government help.

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