Wednesday, 11 September 2013

20 Reasons to #PrayForEd

 There are 20 Reasons why Ed Miliband is in trouble:

 1) 52% of Labour party members think Ed's doing a terrible job.

2) Employment is up by 1.4 million under the Coalition Government, not down by 1 million as Ed predicted. 

3) Ed wants you to pay for his spin doctors.

4) GMB has removed £1 million of funding from Labour.

5) Public satisfaction for Ed's leadership is at -36.

6) Len McCluskey, the Unite Leader, has taken control of Ed and Labour. 

7) Ed Miliband wants closer relations with the new leader of Iran who called for the 'extermination' of protestors. 

8) Ed wants to make the average household at least £1,500 worse off by extra taxes.

9) Ed has Organised protests against the removal of the spare bedroom subsidy but won't repeal it.

10) Ed backs a mansion tax for semi-detached and terraced houses (as well as an increase in council tax for everyone).

11) Ed has Choosen a Chancellor who helped cause the financial crash.

12) Ed wants to cut spending on the NHS.

13) Ed is described as 'out of his depth' and 'weak' the most.

14) Ed refuses to back a benefits cap.

15) Ed wants to add almost £3,000 of debt to each Household's budgets.

16) Ed refuses to back a referendum on the EU.

17) Ed will not release the Fakirk report.

18) Ed has brought down the Labour lead from 11 points to 3 points in a matter of days.

19) 67% of the public think Ed is doing a bad job.

20) Only 18% of people think Ed has got his relationship with the trade unions right.

But don't worry the period of time for the Labour Party to call a leadership ballot for the next conference has passed. There's always next year however. #PrayForEd

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