Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Leafleting in March North

Yesterday I got up pretty early so I could get a bus to March, not the month a town near Wisbech, to help out in the March North By-election.

 Lots of In Touch Leaflets delivered yesterday.

There is currently a vacancy on March Town Council for the three member ward of March North. I delivered over 300 leaflets to the good people of March for the Conservative Candidate Andrew Donnelly. Andrew is a man of great experience, having previously served on the Town Council, who has lived for a long time in the ward. A hard worker to go with the rest of the Conservatives in the town who have saved the City Road toilets and started to roll out super fast broadband amongst many things. 

On polling day, which is Thursday 19th September, there will be a choice between Andrew, a Lib Dem and an Independent. This will be an interesting by-election because in the same ward earlier this year the Conservatives held onto one of the seats by just 3 votes. Thus people really need to come out and support Andrew to make sure he gets in, it will be close. 

Out campaigning in a residential area, look at the lovely blue sky.

I'd also like to point out some inconsistencies in what the Lib Dem candidate, the main opposition, is saying. Firstly when talking about a particular empty shop in the town he said 'we can't afford to let March get into a spiral of economic decline'. This is very true, however this shop will in the next few weeks be made into a new Iceland.

As many Lib Dems do, there is also complaints that the Conservatives have cut bus subsidies. This is true but the services that are cut are ones for very late at night so will not leave residents 'isolated' as the Lib Dem claims. As testament to the buses in March I came by Bus from Wisbech very early in the morning.

 Don't vote for the Lib Dem candidate.

One last, and not well thought out, gripe by the Lib Dem is a complaint that only 9/10 of street lights that are currently being replaced will be put back in. This is correct but is because the street lights will be modern and brighter so the extra costs are not needed. Similar things that have happened in other areas of March have led to brighter streets at night, not something to really complain about.

 I also found #ThingsElliottSays lane.

So I'd ignore this waste of time Lib Dem candidate and back the Conservatives. Andrew will make a great councillor for March.


  1. And the result;
    Lib Dems 514
    Conservatives 358
    Independent 161

  2. a disappointing result but lets hope the Lib Dem looks after the people in March North so they are looked after.