Monday, 23 September 2013


It's that time of year again, University has started at Nottingham. This also means societies are up and running including the excellent Nottingham University Conservative Association. NUCA has been launching itself for the year with a new fantastic website, designed by Andy the Publicity Officer (not Secretary), and being at the freshers fair.

 Alex with some interested freshers.

If you're a fresher this is a must join society even if you're are a Labour Party member (many of our current members are friends with Red Ed). Why is that? It's because NUCA is one of the most active societies on campus with the famous Port and Policies where we debate the issues of the day with a glass, or two, of the best fortified wine. And what else is there? We have bar crawls, question times, trips to Brussels, keynote speakers plus much, much more. Not convinced yet? Well we have lots of free stuff and more is to come over the year.

The NUCA team at the stand.

But who else did I also see at the freshers fair. There was the Lib Dems, much adored by Seb, who were trying to show freshers what they were doing in Government*. There was also the Labour Party who are a pretty fun bunch to argue against at Port and Policies; I'm very much looking forward to the next drink and debate (their version of port and policy). The Young Greens were there too and they told me that my blog was 'horrible' and 'wrong'. I must be doing something right if the socialists are disagreeing so much with me.

LabourSoc are the best part of the Labour Party. The rest of it is hopeless.

So anyway freshers make sure you join NUCA the best society on campus.

Join NUCA the greatest society on Campus.

*Sadly this is bugger all.

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