Monday, 9 September 2013

Chris Huhne Blames Murdoch for Jail Sentence

You can tell Chris Huhne is a Liberal Democrat when he starts lecturing the newspapers on morality. Huhne has said that the reason why he spent time in jail was because of the Sunday Times, not of course that he broke the law.

Huhne claims he was targeted by Rupert Murdoch

But why would the Sunday Times be to blame? Well it's because the 'monopolistic Murdoch press' (that has only 9% of the media market) wanted to stop Chris Huhne from 'talking' about phone hacking. Huhne said he spent time in jail because he was the most major politician to go 'public on how the police should re-open the investigation into voicemail hacking and the Murdoch press'. This story about Huhne from way back in the past was thus dug up and then put on the front page to attack him, this 'is not straight journalism' he said. 

Essentially Chris Huhne claims there is a conspiracy out to get him because he's important enough to bring down the 'Murdoch empire' by saying his journalists hacked phones. This is somewhat disproven by the facts however because it was also the Sunday People that had a front page story about him speeding on the same day as the Sunday Times. So unless Murdoch was telling his rivals the news he had, which is unlikely, the story of the conspiracy is about as truthful as Chris Huhne's plea of not guilty. 

My favourite picture of Chris Huhne

But it doesn't quite stop there because to show how 'evil' the Sunday Times is he claims the newspaper 'groomed' his ex wife for information. Of course this has nothing to do with the fact Vicky Pryce wanted revenge for him leaving her.

Huhne thinks he is a 'holier than thou' Lib Dem. Despite being found guilty of a crime he still believes he is morally superior and can make false accusations of ill doings against other people. My advice to Chris is to just go. Go Chris and fade out of public life. Unfortunately Chris Huhne will not go and now writes for the Guardian; so if you want to read the mad political ramblings of a vengeful failed minister the Guardian is the place to be. 

Guilty as charged, not set up.

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