Friday, 27 September 2013

Back and Then Gone

I'm back after a break of a few days. Why, you may ask, were there no postings? Well it's because, between watching several episodes of Monty Python's Flying Circus, I was unable to write from the shock of the Labour Party Conference.

You may remember that I wrote about how Red Ed is "bringing back socialism", well he really is. Labour are proposing price controls on Energy Companies, the Nationalisation of land not built upon by developers and the Royal Mail, raids on pensions through the pretence on a tax on bankers and the return to high taxes for all when we all know that the lower the taxes are the more money the government gets.

And why are they doing this? It's all because of Union control. Ed Miliband who was elected by them is now promising a return to an age where unaccountable Trade Unions were powerful over the people. Where unions could stop a country economically, nurses refused to treat people and corpses were unburied. The good old age of Socialist Britain, hey. I bet Len McLuskey is pleased though.

At least we can start filling in this empty book.

This is a stupid move for Ed Miliband because people don't want socialism. It's becoming clearer by the day as policy announcements unwind that this is a failed plan and many in Labour recognise this. Chuka Umunna, Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper are opposed to Ed's energy plans and so are Peter Mandleson and Tony Blair, who knows how Labour can win elections. Ed Miliband is going out of his way so much to make a 2015 Conservative Majority more likely. 

So what now for me? Well I'm off to conference to see Dave and chums tell us all what they have planned for a Conservative victory. I'm much looking forward to seeing friends and mocking Nadim Muslim, interim chair at Nottingham Trent, for his excellent photo on his pass. I want to do a few posts during conference but this may not happen because I want to be doing as much as possible. So see you in Manchester. 

Great Picture Nadim.

P.S. If you're dying to see the results of the weekly poll, I'll announce the results of the weekly poll on Thursday and do a short poll on Conservative Conference after that.

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