Friday, 20 September 2013

Back in Nottingham with Lilian Greenwood

I'm back writing for the blog and back in Nottingham. So to start off the new university year here is some Nottingham politics.

Do you remember Steve Barclay's reply to my email on Syria? Well I also wrote an email to Lilian Greenwood the Labour MP for Nottingham South. This was her reply to my concerns over Syrian intervention.

I do agree with Lilian Greenwood's decision to vote against war in Syria however there is some sort of hint that this decision was more a party political than a moral. I doubt the PM was 'conceited' in going to war with Syria. He was not looking for a moment a shine but to do what he thought was right. His judgement of what is right may be criticised but that is a poor decision he will be known for and not anything to do with vanity.

Also the motion that was debated was not to decide whether to intervene in Syria or not, it was one to plan a route ahead for what could be done in Syria. The government was seeking UN backing and more information on top of what they already knew, it wasn't a declaration of war. This may have not been the Government's intentions earlier on in the week but as the mood of the people and MPs became clear the motion was changed.

Although I agree with Lilian Greenwood's decision it does smack of lacking personal judgement on Syria and more following Ed Miliband's poor arguments and party political play over a decision of consciousness. I think the way Red Ed conducted himself in the vote was not at all proper and that showed in polling afterwards. I'm not suprised though that Lilian Greenwood has backed this. She is a shadow minister and so for a job will follow this stupid man over an electoral cliff. I'm just disappointed.

Lilian Greenwood is pretty close to Red Ed, which is a shame.

This is just one of the reasons why I ask the good people of Nottingham South to ditch Labour and back Rowena Holland (the Conservative Candidate) who now is on twitter @VoteRowena . Rowena stood for the Conservatives in 2010 and received a big swing of 7.4% away from Labour due to her hard work and ability to listen to the people. Let's see if we can make Nottingham South blue this time around.

Rowena out and about campaigning for a better Nottingham South.

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