Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The BBC Gets Down With The Kids

What's going on in the BBC at the moment? Is it just me or ever since Paxman's beard is everyone on the political team trying to out do each other in youthful activities to get down with the kids.

As I mentioned before Paxman kicked off things with his beard; which, unlike 95% of the general public, I hate. Then we had Newsnight invaded by zombies and dancing the thriller, reminiscent of student costumes venturing out to clubs in the last week of October. Now it's Dimbleby's turn with a tattoo. The man's 75 years old, does he realise this?

Personally I think politics on the BBC is having a mid-life crisis. Unable to drive porsches around the news room they grow beards, do silly dances or draw on themselves. Whatever happened to the fun but real political anchors that didn't need to act like teenagers to get notice? What ever happened to the interesting but true political broadcasters like Sir Robin Day and his bow tie*? I'd much prefer a real life quirky character to Dimbleby's attempt to become an adolescent. Mind you I bet there will be a few mentions of the tattoo on Question Time. Perhaps that is all what this saga is about, an attempt by the shows host to have an off the wall debate for late night Thursday television.

Bring back Sir Robin Day.

*Yes I know he is dead, that's why I said like.


Well the people have spoken and currently I am running to the hills from a pro Dimbleby lynch mob. I have lots of complaints about this article so it seems the vast majority of you want the newsreaders pretending to be hip, hop and happening. You'll come to my side when you see Huw Edwards break dancing on air or Finoa Bruce roller blading whilst reading the headlines. I want real quirky political anchors, not false ones.

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