Sunday, 20 April 2014

TPA in Lee Green

The TPA were out yesterday campaigning against the ever wasteful Lewisham Council, which is currently run by the Labour Party. What a surprise.*

For a long time Lewisham Council has been increasing taxes whilst cutting services, not very good for the residents. The TPA team of Sonia Khan and Mark Malik went to the high street of Lee Green to inform the residents of this waste. They were joined by Mahyar Tousi, CF big wig and CCHQ Pizza thief, as well as other activists. Those who were there have told #ThingsElliottSays that the day went really well with lots of people surprised by the amount of waste there is in Lewisham. The Lee Greeners had their eyes opened for sure.

Mahyar has exclusively told #ThingsElliottSays "we received a lot of positive feedback, both from those local residents who were aware of local issues and those who didn't' know that Lewisham council are constantly increasing council tax whilst cutting local services. Over the next few months, as a local activist, I will continue my research and campaign to find out exactly what they do with our money and how we can encourage them to cut waste."

However, there are those who were not happy with the TPA's campaign. The local Labour councillor of Lee Green came over and took a leaflet from the stand. Obviously not happy with the TPA exposing his councils waste he got together a gang of people, including some Lib Dems, and tried to cover up their waste by telling people that the TPA was spouting a load of nonsense. Charming.

Sonia from the Tax Payers Alliance is encouraging as many people as possible to join the TPA action team to help fight waste in local and national government. The TPA hope to do more campaign days across the country to highlight misuse of tax payers money. The 'War on Waste' starts now.

*This is not to say that all council waste is created by Labour but that all Labour run councils waste money. I have yet to see an example where this is not true.

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