Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Harlow Road Trip - The Full Story

And now for the story people across the land have been waiting for. Yes here is the full lowdown of the #Harlow #RoadTrip2015.

Mahyar is soon becoming CFs glamour model.

The Harlow Road Trip has to be up there with some of the best campaigning days I have ever done. There is not much better than being with friends whilst leafleting with a free curry and wine later. I spent half the time larking around with Top Tory Mahyar, who is becoming more and more like CF's glamour model every single day.

Rob Halfon in his famous 'mustard' suit.

But to be fair I didn't need always the free stuff or my CF friends from across the country. I am always happy to help out Rob Halfon MP who is leading a revolution in the Conservative Party. He is there on the front lines of politics waving a huge blue flag saying 'up the workers'. The Conservative Party is becoming the Workers Party, a change which is highly important so it really starts to properly represent the people of the country. I think we owe a lot of this to Rob and we must thank him greatly for that. And now with the backing of the 'Halfon hundreds' (as the local media have dubbed us) and organisations like YBF, named the 'SAS of Conservativism' by Rob, we can make the change to become the Workers Party.

The day started early for everyone. I got up just after six o'clock to get the train to Harlow. Most others started out at Liverpool Street Station.

Almost 100 people came to help Rob. For most CFers it was a choice between Spring Forum or the Harlow Road Trip. Most choose the Road Trip, a very wise move. There was very good representation from across the country too. Someone came from Edinburgh, I came from Nottingham, Alexandra from Manchester but obviously there were loads from London.

The Halfon Hundreds

In the morning we were all sent out to deliver the Harlow sun newspaper across all of the town. As I have said we got a lot done. There are plenty of snaps of the morning deliveries. One thing I must say is that Harlow is the easiest place I have ever delivered in. The letterboxes are so lightweight and do not in general have thick brushes. Thanks for making our lives easier people of Harlow.

Yes Victoria you made it onto #ThingsElliottSays after your persistence.

The youngest deliverer on the day.

Alexandra went leafleting in her platforms. Groovy baby.

Of course there were great stories from Twitter too.

We then stopped for Lunch where Vicky Ford MEP, who had been campaigning all day, told us she was "proud to be Rob Halfon's page three girl in the Harlow Sun". She also again reiterated the point that the Conservatives need to work hard for the European elections. Our relationship with Europe at the moment is at a pivotal point. With the referendum coming up soon we need competent people stopping Europe taking more powers away from the UK. I'd hate to see between now and 2017 feckless UKIP MEPs, who just want to join the gravy train of expenses, ruin this country  by not doing anything about Brussels regulation. Who will fight clause by clause for Britain in every new piece of legislation? Only the Conservatives with decent MEPs like Vicky do this.

We then went out for the Big Photo. I hope Labour are getting nervous by the amount of volunteers. With only a little planning the Conservatives can muster hundreds of activists to go to any part of the country. All we need as an incentive is a good MP and a little bit of fun.

We then went out for another afternoon session of canvassing. I went out with the Only Way Is Canning, Lord Mocroft, Alexandra and Top Tory Tousi to see how Rob is received on the door in Harlow. We were surprised by the sheer amount of Conservatives in Harlow. We found that most people are solid Tories, it was a very good session. One person even said they were thankful Rob had spent time in taking them to Parliament. Rob clearly puts in the effort as a constituency MP.

Mahyar wants you to come on the next Road Trip.

Sad that the days campaigning had come to the end.
We then hit the bar. Thanks goes to Mark Clarke for the free drinks.

Rob also organised a pretty decent curry for us in a local restaurant. At the end of the meal Rob gave a thank you speech in which he praised our hard work massively. He also mentioned Emily Burditt, who I proudly say is a NUCA Alumni and now Rob's fantastic office worker. Emily as a reward for all her hard work was recently awarded the parliamentarian assistant of the year award by the Speaker. Very well done to her.

Rob Halfon was also presented with the special YBF Golden Dolphin badge. There have only been ten made of these badges and Rob was the first recipient. I'm not surprised by this because Rob is one of the soundest MPs in living memory.

NUCA's new treasurer Sam having a great time with the Hoff.

We then went clubbing and Rob proved himself to be sound in other ways too.

I really enjoyed the Harlow Road Trip. I will certainly be going to the next one whether it's in St Ives of Aberdeen. Thanks must go to all those who organised this day from Rob to Mark or the Harlow team to Rob's staff. Well done to you all.

Thank you Harlow team.

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