Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Bye, Bye Maria Miller; You Will Not Be Missed

Bye, bye Maria Miller; you will not be missed. 

It was obvious Maria Miller had to go in my mind when she gave the worst apology in the world and then got her PPS to threaten the press with Leveson. Putting aside any wrong doing she had done on her expenses, how can you honestly think that this is something a decent minister could do? It does astound me.

But actually I'm quite pleased Maria Miller has gone because I think she was the most incompetent person in the whole cabinet. She is quite frankly a walking disaster unable to handle any task.

Walking Disaster.

Maria Miller was in charge of the outcome of the Leveson inquiry. As you all know after the report was published Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg called for press censorship to solve crimes which were already illegal. The lobbying from a group of celebrities, who wanted to be on and off public display simultaneously, corrupted the weak minded lefties. So what was Maria Miller's reaction? Well after a short while the government, particularly the department she headed, caved in and agreed to press censorship. What an amazing Culture and Media Secretary she was. She will certainly not be known as the saviour of freedom in the future.

Maria Miller to be locked up for curbing freedom of speech.

Furthermore Maria Miller handled equal marriage. This was always going to be a hot potato in the Conservative Party, it was never going end very well. But Maria as the Equalities Minister handled it so badly for the Government. It got to the point that people who agreed with gay marriage felt they could not support the law because the media mismanagement was so enormous. The actual draft of the law was terrible too having being altered so many times and still not being great in its outcome.

Maria Miller is also not sorry for the mess she made of her time in Government.

Overall Maria Miller was just short of terrible (she is better than Harriet Harperson who is her opposite number, but that's not saying much). Thank God Sajid Javid and Nick Morgan are taking over her two briefs. Sajid Javid is a rising star, he is competent and can manage the monies very well. Nicky Morgan is as equally good. I have seen less of her in government but Nicky Morgan has shown competence throughout and is definitely not just got a Cabinet role because she is a woman. Its a shame that they have been elevated to an office under these circumstances.

The best of the 2010 intake.

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