Thursday, 3 April 2014

Conservatives Calling

On Tuesday NUCA went telephone canvassing for Jane Hunt, the Conservative Candidate for Nottingham South. NUCA were all very much inspired by Jane to come out and campaign for her after the drinks reception on Monday. We got through a lot of numbers in Nottingham and we filled out 100s of surveys from the canvassing script. We also had free pizza, kindly provided by the local association. Jane is really keen to talk to as many people as possible and telephone canvassing is one of the best ways to do this.

Here are some photos from the night to give international fame to some of those who helped out:

When we had finished Jane took us out for a drink to say thank you for the three hour phoning session. She then told us about all the things she had been doing that day from seeing the Keltruck lorry business to attending an education debate organised in Nottingham. Jane also got her first selfie of the campaign trail with outgoing NUCA Vice President Jamie Billingham.

Jane is a really great candidate; very kind, very knowledgeable and full of enthusiasm. I hope the people of Nottingham South will give her a chance in 2015.

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