Tuesday, 8 April 2014

One Year On

A year ago today Margaret Thatcher died at 11pm in the Ritz hotel. When a great world leader goes it is always a sad day but for Baroness Thatcher it must have been a happy day as she reunited with her husband Denis. Margaret Thatcher left a great legacy. She saved Britain.

This is one of those moments where people will say "where were you?" so I shall tell you. I was in Rome about to board a plane back home having spent a wonderful week exploring the heart of the Roman world. Being there it was clear that Margaret Thatcher was well respected and admired across the world. Just look at what the Italian newspapers had to say. According to il Gornale Baroness Thatcher was "the daughter of a grocer" who later became "the enemy of the unions" through "the handbag [that] became legendary". Even the centre left paper La Republica had good words to say about Baroness Thatcher calling her "the Iron Lady who changed Britain".

Margaret Thatcher meant a lot to many people. She also meant a lot in a variety of different ways. It's impossible to go through all those good traits which ultimately saved Britain. But to me the great revolutionary change in the country is the most important. Through a strong personal will Baroness Thatcher stopped Britain's decline and led the world as it forged forward in creating better lives for people with a strong economy. Margaret Thatcher was a revolutionary and because of this Britain was a very different and much better place after he terms in office.

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