Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Jane meets NUCA

Yesterday Jane Hunt, the Conservative candidate for Nottingham South, met NUCA properly for the first time by organising a drinks reception. It was really good fun and NUCA are very thankful to Jane for giving up her time and money to pay for it.

Jane was very keen to meet everyone at NUCA because she believes that university students in Nottingham South are key. She was very pleased to see how enthused people are and said, having spoken to them for a while before and seen them at the Clifton North by-election, that they could make good council candidates for the future. Jane is keen to make sure that her campaign has a major student focus. With her council  seat on Charnwood Borough council containing Loughborough University she has experience with how to represent students well. She won't be launching a war on students like the current council.

Jane with Dave.

Personally I think Jane is a top quality candidate. We have already began reaching out to the voters in Wollaton West but Jane  has some equally great ideas in talking to the less traditional Conservative voters. Having fought two parliamentary seats in Leicester Jane is keen to reach out to all voters in Nottingham South. Everyone can be a Conservative; there are no, no go areas.

Sam and I had a meeting with Jane about student issues and what should be done in Nottingham.

Having met Jane NUCA is very keen to get out there and bring a Conservative MP to Nottingham.

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