Sunday, 30 March 2014


Friday saw the event that the whole world has been waiting for. No not the finding of Lord Lucan, but the NUCA AGM and thus the election of new officers to the committee. This year saw a very high quality of candidates in my opinion and some very good speeches.

NUCA went to the ballot box on Friday afternoon.

For Publicity Secretary Amelia was elected. In my opinion Amelia is one of the most friendly people I have met. She seems very keen to do a thorough job in making sure NUCA's online presence is enhanced and kept up to date. Alfie also stood for this position and I think he gave a really good speech, probably the best one of the day. This was the most hotly fought post in NUCA and both candidates should be very proud of the performance they gave.

We also had three unopposed positions. Sam (for Treasurer), Henry (for Vice President), and George (for General Secretary) all stood against only RON. To be fair this is harder than it sounds because, due to his prowess and being the greatest American President of the 20th century, Ronald Reagan is a great adversary. This is even ten years after he died. All three NUCA members however managed to beat RON and were elected to the committee.

But the most important role, if you love having to deal with the SU, is President. This year two candidates stood, Alex and Will. Both stood on a platform of making NUCA a more event focussed association, a position no one can disagree with. Alex believed that this should be done through more socials and more campaigning leading up to the 2015 general election. Will thought the best thing to do was to increase debating within NUCA. Alex's arguments were the best and so he was elected to be President for NUCA. Is there a Bright future in store?

A very well done to everyone who stood and a big congratulations to the new committee. This was re-iterated in Jamie's speech, our out going Vice President. he received a large round of applause for his words on uniting everyone around our new fantastic committee. I think everyone in NUCA is pleased with the results of the election even if they originally voted for someone else.

Of course there was just only one more important thing to do and that was to re-appoint the Campaign Officer. I was very happy to refill this role for NUCA and hopefully we can do a lot leading up to the General Election. We'll of course be focussing on getting Jane Hunt in as the MP for Nottingham South. I am convinced she will win over the hearts and minds of the voters in the constituency. NUCA has to help her get in.

So in celebration of a successful AGM and a new committee NUCA went paintballing. Congratulations goes to our outgoing Publicity Secretary Andy for organising this fabulous event. It was great fun although I am now a broken man unable to get out of bed.

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