Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Massive Campaign Day in Clifton North

Last Saturday saw a big campaign day launched by the Nottingham Conservatives in order to get the votes of the people of Clifton North. Over 50 activists were busy trying to get Andrew Rule, the local Conservative candidate, elected to Nottingham City Council. We canvassed all of Wilford, Silverdale, the Grove and a fair portion of the Clifton Estate. We also leafleted virtually the whole ward.

Nadim and Alex out in the ward.

We had people from NUCA, Trent, Derbyshire and people even as far away as Dorset come and help make Clifton North a well represented ward with a local Conservative Councillor. There was of course the usual Conservative team out there led by Andrew as well.

Luke Stevens, Chair of Dorset CF, travelled hundreds of miles to help us.

I didn't see the vast majority of the helpers that day as we broke off into smaller teams. But one of the teams did catch sight of Pat Ferguson, the Labour candidate, and her lovely dog. One of our activists asked Pat if she would be voting in the up coming by-election but she said no. This is not surprising as Pat lives in Aspley which is on the other side of Nottingham. I wonder why she has been parachuted into Clifton North then? Pat then said to the group of activists that she is "far better looking than Andrew". I'm not one to judge beauty but that's quite a weird and ego-centric claim to make in a by-election.

Other teams were out in Clifton.
Pat however does seem to be going a bit barmy at the moment. She wrote on the Clifton Facebook Group recently, insulting the people of Wilford, 'It seems to me that geography, never mind grammar, is perhaps not the strongest in that part of the ward with some members of the WCG'. Not a very wise thing to do. Its no wonder that someone on the same Facebook group has said about Pats comments "Oh my goodness! Iv just saw this post and I must say, I'm actually disgusted in how Pat Ferguson has responded! ... you've made yourself look like a silly and rude woman!!!!" It seems the people of Clifton are not very happy with Pat's actions.

Wisdom meets youth with great Clifton North Cllr Roger Steel and NUCA Alex and George.

But despite Pat's rude words about Clifton North we had a great day campaigning. The sun was shining and I got loads of responses on the doors when canvassing. Virtually all the people were favourable to Andrew and I hope that lots of people will turn out to vote for this great local champion. Andrew is chairman of the Wilford Community Group and Secretary to the social club so he knows what needs to be sorted out in the ward.

Andrew speaking with a resident.

People of Clifton North please vote Conservative and for Andrew Rule, a great local choice, on Thursday.

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