Sunday, 23 March 2014

Euro Campaigning in Peterborough

Yesterday Alex, the NUCA Treasurer, and I travelled to Peterborough to help our friend Tom Hunt, the 5th Conservative MEP Candidate in the Eastern Region. We were also joined by Stewart Jackson MP and many of the Peterborough Conservatives for a full days campaigning for the Euro Elections. 

Wisbech is quite near Peterborough, but this is the first time I have met Stewart Jackson MP who I believe to be one of the best campaigners in giving us a referendum on Europe. Stewart was a main player in the 2011 EU referendum debate and one of those who lobbied extensively for the Conservatives to offer the people a say in a vote on Europe. I'm happy to say he was very successful. The people of Peterborough certainly admire him for that and the amount of contact they have with him.

But we were there to specifically deliver leaflets for the European Elections to explain one thing. It's only the Conservatives that can deliver in giving you a say in Europe with an EU Referendum by 2017. This point is very important because I for one think, and have done for ages, that we all need to have a vote to decide our countries future. No other Party can do this. UKIP will be lucky to get one seat in 2015, Labour have ruled out a referendum saying it is 'unlikely' they'd have one if elected in 2015 and the Lib Dems want closer integration. 

Tom delivering a leaflet.

Tom was very clear in his support for the EU referendum in his selection as the 5th MEP candidate saying at the moment he would probably vote to leave. People like Tom and current MEPs like Vicky Ford will really push forward the national interest in Europe, all other parties go to Europe to get closer integration or sponge off the gravy train.  

We spent a lot of our time on the 'Cathedral Estate' in Peterborough.

I had a good day leafleting in Peterborough. Overall we pushed information through 1,000 houses; a lot to do in one day. But this works out to be 0.002% of the 5 million electors in the Eastern region. Tom has told me that the hard working Conservative MEP candidates have been campaigning for many months and have leafleted 100,000s of houses so far. Keep up the good work. We were also treated to lunch by Cllr John Peach from Peterborough council, I thank him a lot for that.

I'll be voting for the Conservatives and Tom Hunt in May 2014 and I hope you will do as well.


  1. JennyWhereJenny23 March 2014 at 14:39

    Why wasn't the President there?

  2. Alex and I are personal friends with Tom Hunt and he invited only us. If she is keen to get involved in the future she should give me a ring. we'd love to have more help.