Saturday, 22 March 2014

Introducing Jane Hunt

Last night Sam and I met Jane Hunt, the new Conservative Candidate for Nottingham South. My first impressions of Jane is that she is an amazingly lovely lady, really down to earth and very competent.

Jane was selected last Saturday by the members of Nottingham South who are stepping up their efforts to get out on the campaign trail to get her elected. She has really given the Conservatives in Nottingham a massive kick start so don't be surprised to see us out and about using every able hour to speak to residents of the city. Today for example Jane got a large amount of activists out in Wollaton and worked with the great Conservative councillors Georgina and Eileen to gather and listen to the opinions of residents. Jane and the Wollaton councillors hopes to take action on a number of issues raised to today.

Out and about in Wollaton West today.

At our meeting with Jane we discussed her background. Jane has worked as a civil servant, a charity, a senior manager in a commercial business and as case worker for Nicky Morgan MP. Jane is currently a Charnwood Borough councillor with a cabinet for position housing and has some other responsibilities. she has also stood as a parliamentary candidate twice in Leicester. In 2010 she contested the seat of Keith Vaz and got such a big swing to the Conservatives that he demanded a recount, which turned out to give Jane a few more votes. Furthermore, Jane has been married to her Husband Tim and has two teenage children. Jane has certainly got the life experience, the political skill and a loving family to give her the abilities to fight hard for the interests of the residents of Nottingham South.

Jane with the Nottingham Conservative community leaders.

In our meeting also Jane, Sam and I discussed in brief what the people of Nottingham South need. Education is of course very high on the list because the Labour run Nottingham City Council have consistently failed at providing a decent education for children. It is only now with Michael Gove's free schools and academies that some of the Nottingham state schools are improving in GCSE and Ofsted results. If elected Jane hopes to bring change to the Nottingham school system with her experience as a school governor but also by working with the great education reforms under the Conservative led Government.

Important to Jane is also the student population. Good integration with the community and listening to their needs are high on her agenda. Students have rights too and Jane sounds like she knows how to make sure the council recognises that. In Charnwood Jane actually represents the ward which contains Loughborough University. She thus has lots of experience with the issues that students face with crime, bins and housing.

Sam and I talking about student issues with Jane.

Jane also is very thankful of the support she has so far received in congratulations from NUCA members. Jane really appreciates how key NUCA will be in the 2015 General Election. She is very keen to meet all the members as soon as possible to inspire them to come out and help her bring about a Conservative government and better representation for Nottingham. Jane is going to be helping NUCA a lot over the next year and a bit. It's great to see that already lots of NUCA members have already signed up to a mass campaigning session very soon.

Jane with Dave.

Jane is an amazing candidate. I'd stick my neck out and say she is the best parliamentary candidate that I have met. I hope she is pleased with that recommendation because I am confident that in just over a years time she'll be told the same thing by the thousands of people in Nottingham when she is elected as the next MP here.

In the words of Winston Churchill, "Let us go forward together!"

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