Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Royal Holloway SU Try To Boycott The Queen

In news from Royal Holloway SU, which for once doesn't concern Sarah Jane Sewell, comes the bizarre story that the loony left and republicans tried to make Royal Holloway SU boycott a visit from the Queen and organise a protest against her.

Does anyone actually respect the actions of SURHUL anymore?

Her Majesty the Queen is set to visit Royal Holloway music department on 14th March as they have won a Regius Professorship. A motion was put forward by LGBT and Academic Officer to the General Council at SURHUL* (Students Union Royal Holloway, University of London) to oppose the Queens visit so that "SURHUL should not take part in the ceremony involving the Queen in March, 2014" and to "To facilitate any protests that students want to organise around the issues of the democratisation and secularisation of the state."

Royal Holloway will soon look forward to a visit from the Queen.

#ThingsElliottSays sources have said that it is "disgusting that this is allowed, and should be put into the public eye." According to this same source when debating this motion  the Union Flag was said to be "for “white middleclass English People”, this was objected by Antonia Jade King RHULCS President". Another believer in the motion rhetorically asked the SU General Meeting "Why are we supporting imperial struggles".

Long May she reign.

Antonia Jade King, leader of Royal Holloway CF, said "the Student unions is Ridiculous and some people just like to get angry. She also said, along with all CF members, "I'm very excited for the queens visit". Three cheers for Antonia Jade.

Antonia Jade excited for the Queens visit.

It is of no surprise that someone when debating the motion stood up to speak and said of the GM and its pointless loony left motions "we sit here and we whine over self righteous indignation. well f*#k that. This is my last GM, I am done. F*#k student politics."

However a wrecking amendment was proposed by the sane students of Royal Holloway which got rid of any republicanism in the motion. New clauses were also added such as a demand "for a flag pole to be erected on the Student Union on which to fly the Union Jack" and "for the National Anthem, Fire of Scotland, Land of My Fathers to be played at the beginning of the general meeting". The amendment also noted "The Queen was once photographed firing a machine gun" and the SU should believed "That the Queen shooting a machine gun is cool".

Neither the motion nor the wrecking amendment was passed. To all those stupid lefties and republicans I say this. To the Tower with you.

To the Tower with the Royal Holloway SU officers.

*This name is far too long as acronym and sounds like a groan of some sort.


  1. If you're trying to seem like a reasonable person who knows what they're talking about, the phrase "loony left" doesn't really help your cause.

  2. Motion was submitted by two people. I think it's pretty poor journalism to cry 'Royal Holloway SU Try To Boycott The Queen' that's like saying the entire tory party want to introduce mongoose culls just because someone puts it in a private members motion.

  3. SJS is the queen of RHUL. Also, you need to take an English class.